The dates of 10-16 September 2018 for the next Te Wiki o te Reo Māori | Māori Language Week were announced at the Māori Language Awards 2017. September 14 is Māori Language Day commemorating the presentation of the 1972 petition on the Māori Language to parliament. Hundreds of people now celebrate September as Mahuru Māori, in which they dedicate themselves to speaking only Māori.

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The theme will be 'Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ following on from the success of last year’s theme ‘Kia Ora te Reo Māori’.  ‘Kia Kaha’ is well known in New Zealand English with its correct Māori meaning of ‘be strong’. We often talk about languages as if they are people – talking about language health, strength and revitalisation. So when we say ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ we’re saying  - ‘Let’s make the Māori language strong'.

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“Strength for an endangered language comes from its status, people being aware of how to support revitalisation, people acquiring and using it and from the language having the right words and terms to be used well for any purpose."

Every New Zealander can help strengthen our language. With the date and theme fixed, we’re hoping that more organisations, companies and community groups than ever will plan to take part in Māori Language Week 2018.

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