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The Māori Language version of Moana is a rich script of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions new and old. The script is sophisticated in its simplicity bringing together elements of language that make te reo Māori a living language. Moana reo Māori has all the elements of Inter-generational transmission. The movie has reo engagement within each generation from babies, to school age, teenagers, adults, grandparents, whānau, hapū and iwi.

Jack Tame

Broadcaster Jack Tame is recognised for his unrelenting, positive and enthusiastic use of the Māori language, raising its status, public awareness. Status and use are two of the important parts of revitalisation and Jack’s commitment brings both to his audience every day.


Stuff is recognised for its switch to using tohutō on all its platforms, so raising the status of te reo and showing respect for its importance as well as bringing all the benefits to pronunciation, understanding and learning that tohutō bring. Stuff’s editor, Patrick Crewdson wrote in an editorial: “It's a truth that should be self-evident: as an official language of New Zealand, te reo Māori deserves to be held in the same esteem as English. A basic first step toward that deserved level of mana is using the language correctly. That's why, from today, we are introducing macrons (tohutō) for Māori words on Stuff and in our newspapers”.


Google and Vodafone for their massive programme involving tens of thousands of people to improve pronunciation on Google Maps. The Māori language is euphonic: it matters to speakers what it sounds like. It matters a lot. Google and Vodafone deserve our thanks for recognising this important cultural and linguistic fact and taking action to recognise the status and improve the use of the Māori language. 


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