Waiata - Song

Waiata or songs and chants are an important part of Māori culture. The words and expressions preserve the wisdom and knowledge of ancestors.

There are many forms of waiata used for different purposes including oriori (lullabies), waiata tangi (laments), waiata aroha (songs of love), ngeri (a type of chant), manawawera (a form of challenge) and waiata poi (poi songs). When performing a waiata, it is important to choose a song appropriate for the occasion.

Waiata are often performed at the end of whaikōrero (speeches) to support what has been said. They can also be sung to remove tapu (restrictions) or to engage, entertain, calm, or comfort the listener.

Traditionally, waiata were always performed in unison with very few actions and with no musical instruments or choreography. While this is still the case today, contemporary waiata are commonly sung with accompaniment, include harmony, and are performed with complicated actions and choreography.

Different iwi (tribes) often have their own waiata, with many composed centuries ago. However, there are a lot of waiata that are now generally accepted as common property. This often happens when a waiata has an appealing tune or the lyrics express the sentiments of a tribe so well that it is taken over by others.

Radio Kahungunu has given us permission to make these four popular waiata available for your listening pleasure.

Kupu   Listen Download
Tēnā Koutou : Waiata Tēnā Koutou : Waiata mp3 [mp3, 1.8 MB] [, 4 KB]
E Papa Waiari : Waiata E Papa Waiari : Waiata mp3 [mp3, 1.1 MB] [, 4 KB]
Hoki hoki tonu mai : Waiata Hoki hoki tonu mai : Waiata mp3 [mp3, 1.3 MB] [, 4 KB]
Maku ra pea : Waiata Maku ra pea : Waiata mp3 [mp3, 615 KB] [, 4 KB]

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