Maihi Karauna: te rautaki whakarauora a te Karauna

On Waitangi Day 6 February 2019 the Minister of Māori Development announced the Maihi Karauna: the Crown’s Māori Language Strategy.

 A key part of the strategy is about language planning and the target that all public service departments will have language plans in place by 2021.

 The Maihi Karauna sets the course for Te Taura Whiri i te reo Māori in the years ahead as it takes up its new role to lead in the co-ordination of the implementation of the Maihi Karauna.

The Maihi Karauna complements the Maihi Maori, the revitalisation strategy of iwi and Māori. The key aim of Maihi Karauna is to create an environment in which Maihi Māori has the greatest opportunity for success. The Maihi Māori is developed, issued and implemented by Te Mātāwai, a representative body of Māori.

 A ‘maihi’ is a ‘bargeboard’ at the front of a carved house. In this case the metaphorical house is ‘Te Whare of te Reo Māori Ora’ – a way of explaining the active partnership between Māori and the Crown for revitalisation.

 Maihi Karauna is developed and issued by the Minister for Māori Development. It is implemented by Crown agencies and coordinated by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori. Maihi Māori and Maihi Karauna each targets the key language planning elements of: 

  • Status – people value te reo Māori
  • Critical awareness – people know te reo Māori is endangered and their role in revitalisation
  • Acquisition – people are learning te reo Māori
  • Use – people read, write and speak and comprehend te reo Māori in many places and circumstances (domains)
  • Corpus – the right words and terms are available for all circumstances (quality is a part of this)


Learn more about the Maihi Karauna here.