Kura Whakarauora

Only one in every five Māori can hold a conversation about everyday things in the Māori language. If we continue along the same path, the Māori language could be at risk of being lost. Kura Whakarauora is a programme of language planning workshops to revitalise the Māori language so that daily language use is active in the home, workplace, marae, school or community.

The evidence suggests that Kura Whakarauora has transformed the way that participants view the Māori language and has encouraged a change in behaviour or lifestyle to further embrace the Māori language. For some participants, the transformation has been life changing, for others, subtle changes have resulted in other positive alterations.


Kura Whakarauora - Report 2016 (English)


Kura Whakarauora - Te Pūrongo 2016 (Māori)